Our certified translations are accepted for a wide range of official purposes in the UK, including the Home Office, Passport Office, Registry Offices, NARIC, DVLA, UCAS, GMC, HCPC and more.

Translate Fast give you a fast certified translation service and free postage. We can get your documents turned around from as little as two hours to the standard three working days, depending on the size of the document. We will deliver your translation by email and post using 1st Class Royal Mail Service free of charge.

Certified translation may be required for the following types of legal documents:

  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Deed polls
  • Contracts
  • Medical documentation
  • Academic certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Documents filed in support of visa applications, etc.
Translate Fast sample certified translation

What makes a certified translation valid?

“Where a document written in a foreign language is submitted in support of a passport application it should be submitted with an English translation attached. It should be provided by a translator registered with an official organisation such as the Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation & Interpreting.” (source: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/foreign-documents)

Translate Fast Ltd is a member of the Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (00019055), which can be verified here: https://www.iti.org.uk/directory/corp/translate-fast-ltd.html


Swearing an Affidavit is usually required when you are presenting your translation as evidence in court. This additional level of legalisation takes place between our company representative and a solicitor.

Apostille legislation

Some jurisdictions require translations to be ‘apostilled’ before they can be accepted. This process has two stages.

  1. We arrange for a notarial certificate to be issued for the translation;
  2. We send the translation and notarial certificate to the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) for apostille legalisation.
Certified translation

A certified translation is carried out by a professional translator and includes their signed declaration to this effect. A certified translation from Translate Fast incorporates the following:

  • The language combination of the translation
  • A declaration stating the translation is “a true and accurate translation of the text provided”
  • Our company stamp
  • Our company director’s signature
  • The date and company contact details
  • A copy of your source document*

* We don’t need to see your original document to produce a valid certified translation. We always print out a copy of your document and attach it to your translation. This means that wherever you submit your translation, the printout and the original can easily be compared and accepted.


Some jurisdictions require translations of personal documents to be notarised before they can be accepted. In this case, we can arrange for a notarial certificate to be issued with the translation.

Sworn translation

In the UK, a certified translation serves as the equivalent of a sworn translation.

However, if you need to present your translation in a country where sworn translations are required (such as Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy or the Czech Republic), please let us know, and we will be happy to arrange it for you. We have an excellent team of sworn translators (based both in the UK and abroad) who will produce a translation tailored to your requirements.

Please note that in some countries such as Poland, either a sworn translation or a certified translation can be accepted. You should clarify which is required with the relevant authorities, as certified translations are usually less expensive and quicker to produce than sworn translations.

Translator’s statement of truth

Some authorities require a translator’s statement of truth to certify an official translation (in certain UK court proceedings or for official translations to be accepted in Australia). A translator’s statement of truth is a declaration signed by the linguist containing their short biography (education, years of experience and accreditation).

How do I go about getting my document translated? The process is easy. Simply:
  1. Send us a scan/photo of your document by email ([email protected]) or WhatsApp (077 5189 2165) or visit our Get a Free Quote section and upload your document(s).
  2. Receive a quote in minutes.
  3. If you are happy with our quote, send us your payment (over the phone/by bank transfer/secure online payment link). We may offer payment terms to corporate customers.
  4. As soon as your payment is received, your document is placed with one of our accredited translators.
  5. Your translation will be posted/emailed to you. If you have ordered a certified translation, it will be certified and stamped accordingly before sending.
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