Professional Italian Translations

Business Italian Translations

If your business is based in the United Kingdom and wishes to target the Italian market or you have Italian-speaking suppliers, investors, partners or employees, both Italian to English and English to Italian translation services will assist you in reaching new audiences, translating your marketing materials, and ensuring that your contracts are executed efficiently.
Providing translation services is highly advantageous for businesses, as it ensures that you are able to communicate effectively across borders, target audiences around the globe, and increase the success of your company. The professional Italian translation service we provide can assist you in ensuring your words are accurately translated and understood. This is regardless of whether you need important contracts, technical documents, medical texts or training materials translated.

Here are some examples of our recent business translation projects:

• Account statements and bank documents in general
• Audit reports
• Articles of Association
• Corporate deeds
• Engineering documents
• Disposals of business units and shareholdings
• Technical translations
• Brochures
• Website translation and localisation

Translate Fast Ltd is a Corporate Member of the ITI – Institute of Translation and Interpreting (Membership No. 00019055). Translate Fast’s recently awarded prestigious ISO 17100 certification sets us apart in terms of assurance of translation excellence and means that all our Italian translators are native speakers, with a minimum of 5 years of experience.
Our client satisfaction speaks for itself. Translate Fast is the highest rated translation agency in the UK according to Trustpilot (January 2023). Our Google rating is 5 out of 5! We can work with you to pitch your translation for your target audience, working with our trusted translators to ensure your intended message gets across. Please contact us now for a free instant quote. Documents are proofread again by native speakers and formatted exactly to the client’s specification.

Certified Italian Translations

Translate Fast can also accommodate your personal certified translation needs. We can usually translate and certify the translation of critical legal documents, such as marriage, birth and academic certificates, within 24 hours. Our certified Italian translation services are recognised and accepted for a wide range of official purposes in the UK, including the Home Office, Passport Office, Registry Offices, NARIC, DVLA, UCAS, GMC, HCPC and more. We ensure consistent formatting and offer an electronic copy to approve in advance of the printed translation sent to you in the post free of charge.
We offer translations from English to Italian and from Italian to English. Our certified translations are accepted by the Italian consulate in London.

Examples of our recent certified translation projects:

• Academic certificates
• Adoption deeds
• Birth certificates
• Business contracts
• Citizenship certificates
• Trust deeds
• Criminal record certificates including ACRO
• Death certificates
• Driving licences
• Financial statements
• General and special power of attorney
• HR procedures
• Legalised translations
• Letters rogatory
• Licences
• Marriage certificates
• Medical translations
• Mergers and acquisitions documents
• Minutes of meetings
• Notarised translations
• Notary deeds
• Powers of attorney
• Probate, wills
• Registration certificates for motor vehicles
• Voluntary disclosure documents
• Wills and testaments
• Writs of summons

Can you tell me how much Italian translation services cost?

Cost can be a determining factor when selecting an Italian translation provider, especially when you require specialist translation. We are committed to providing high-quality ISO1700 compliant Italian translation services at reasonable rates.
In order to receive an accurate quote for your translation project, please send us your source documents by email or use the get a free quote section.
With our extensive team of translators, we can provide high quality certified translation services at an affordable cost and with an unbeatable turnaround time, whether you are translating English into Italian, Italian into English or any other language combination.

Are you able to provide technical, medical or specialist translation services?

We match our Linguists to the project based on their expertise and your project needs. If you have technical documents, legal texts, medical records that need professional translation we can ensure high quality and accuracy.

What are the best places to find quality Italian translation services?

The process of finding a professional Italian translation service can be challenging. The translation services provided by Translate Fast Ltd have been refined over many years.
Our customers have rated us 5 out of 5 on Trustpilot and Google. In fact, we are the highest rated translation agency in the UK (Trustpilot, January 2023).

Can you provide me with more information regarding the Italian translation services you offer?

We provide accurate translations of business documents, legal documents, and other official documents through our professional Translators. As your translation agency of choice for Italian certified translation services, Translate Fast Ltd is your first choice when it comes to providing high-quality, certified and professional translation services to your official documents.
Upon receiving our quotation, you will be able to choose between different translation options. You can be assured that your translation will be carried out by a professional linguist whose skills have been matched to the nature of your text.

Why should you use a translation agency for Italian translation services?

Our expert Italian translators can translate anything from brochures and marketing materials to tenders and legal documents. We will make sure your texts are translated to Italian readers without sacrificing the precise technical and factual information.

What other Italian translation services do you offer?

When choosing a translation service, there are many options to consider, including our standard professional human translation, machine (computer translation), and post edited machine translations.

Can you tell me more about the Italian language?

Italian – one of the world’s most romantic languages, known as the language of music and the working language of the Holy See – the Pope of the Catholic Church in Rome! Italian is the second most widely spoken native language in the European Union with 67 million speakers and spoken as a second language by 13.4 million. As we can see, the influence of the language is widespread both in its speakers and in business, the arts, food, and the luxury goods market.

Can you tell me more about certified translations?

The term “certified translation” may refer to a variety of things. Generally, a certified translation meets the requirements of the country in question, so that it may be used in formal proceedings with the translator accepting responsibility for its accuracy. Our company-certified translations are accepted by the Italian Consulate in London. We also offer English to Italian sworn translations.

Which companies have you worked for in the past?

Translate Fast Ltd has earned a reputation for providing accurate translations of the highest quality in a timely manner. Our list of satisfied clients includes BP, JCB, Xerox, Arriva, New Look, Ipsen, ITA (International Testing Agency), Netflix, Thales, Air Products and many more. We hold ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 accreditations that confirm compliance with the most stringent industry standards.

How does Translate Fast Ltd differ from other Italian translation companies?

Our customers have rated us 5 out of 5 on Trustpilot and Google. In fact, we are the highest rated translation agency in the UK (Trustpilot, January 2023).

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Certified translations

We prepare certified translations 100% compliant with the Home Office and Passport Office requirements.
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Translate Fast Ltd is a Corporate Member of the ITI – Institute of Translation and Interpreting (Membership No. 00019055)

ISO 17100
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