Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to send you the files to get a quote?

There are two reasons for this. The first is that any repetitions in the text are always discounted. We also offer a discount for high-volume projects. If you send us your files, we can work out the wordcount and any repetitions for you in order to cost the work accurately. Worried about confidentiality? Read more here.

I need a translation fast. How soon can I get it back?

If you have an urgent translation request, please get in touch right away, telling us when you need the work completed by. You can choose from a range of translation options: same-day, overnight, next-day, 24-hr, weekend, etc.

The cost for carrying out a translation urgently may be higher, but any applicable surcharges will be included in our quote. You will get an electronic copy of the completed translation emailed to you by the agreed deadline. If you need a hard copy posting out to you, we can do this as well.

I want to retain formatting and layout - is this possible?

If your files are editable, we can keep layout and formatting in place. We do not charge for this.

If your files are not editable, we will try our best to maintain the formatting where possible, depending on how tight the deadline is.

If replicating the formatting is crucial, we offer a desktop publishing (DTP) service, for a reasonable fee.

How will my translation be delivered?

Your translation will be delivered electronically, by email. It will be in Microsoft Word (or PDF format if you have ordered a certified translation), unless we have agreed on another format.

Turnaround times are quoted for electronic delivery only (please allow an extra 1-2 working days for delivery by post). Postage is free and we send translations out by Royal Mail, 1st class.

Can you always meet the deadline?

We won’t take on a project unless we feel sure we can complete it on time. If something happens to put our translator out of action, we will immediately ask a replacement to handle the work. As we have a large network of translators all over the globe, we are well placed to handle such occurrences.

In the unlikely event that we miss a deadline, your translation will be discounted, as a gesture of goodwill.

Is there a minimum charge?

There is a minimum charge for small orders. This is £36.00, less than half the cost of many other translations agency minimum charges!

Is your work guaranteed?

Our translations are always carried out by a human native speaker of the target language, and we only work with established, qualified translators. We are also ranked No. 1 Translation Agency in the UK (Trustpilot Trustscore 5.0, Translator Category, February 2023)

Do you do machine translation?

We do not offer machine translation unless you specifically ask for it. We believe that nothing rivals the accuracy of human translation.

Do you do website translations?

Yes. We can carry out a careful translation of your website text using a side-by-side comparison, and send it to you in an easily-uploadable format.

Do you carry out localisation work?

Often, companies want to adapt their marketing material, websites, and even text-heavy products such as software programs and games for different audiences around the world. Adaptations of cross-cultural content (such as from US English to British English) go further than simple translations and are always carried out by a native-speaker living in the destination country and immersed in its culture, in order to guarantee authenticity. Click here to drop us a line to talk about your project.

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