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In today’s always-on business environment, accuracy and speed are a must. If you’re in business and communicating with suppliers and clients overseas, you need a translations partner you can rely on to be responsive and consistently provide timely, professional results.

Huge technological advances over the last few decades have completely transformed the way in which we shop, look for information and do business. Thanks to the global reach of the Internet, we can now serve customers all over the world.

Since the Internet is the first port of call for anyone looking for information about a brand or product, you can help potential customers reach you faster by ensuring they can access the information they want about your business online, in their native language.

Translate Fast for branding

Communicating efficiently and without barriers also enhances your brand and makes your business credible, professional and easy to deal with, no matter where your clients are based or what their native language is. Translating brands is one of our specialities.

Partnering with Translate Fast brings your brand a global presence, making it more accessible to more people. Having your website translated into the languages of your overseas customers will give them a real feel for who you are and what you do, and help make doing business with you easy.

Translate Fast for know-how

Every client comes to us with a unique conundrum to solve. Sometimes more than one specialism is needed to complete a project; legal and medical, for example, or marketing and telecommunications. We ensure the translator has the expertise to handle the task and delight the client.

In some cases the translator is not just a linguist, but something of an artist too, in order to accurately represent a brand, culture, personality or tone of voice in another language. We understand this at Translate Fast, and it is our mission to give your translations that authentic feel.

Translate Fast: exotic tastes

We’re so proud of some of the more complicated projects we’ve been trusted to handle that we want to tell the world. Here’s a sample of the everyday unusual we are privileged to translate for clients around the globe…

Chilean Spanish: a booklet and technical specifications for a submarine detection system

This documentation presented some tricky formatting issues, and we had to do some desktop publishing to turn it into editable text. As you can imagine, military hardware handbook translations are specialised work and clients expect precise, accurate, timely deliveries. Every document has to be proofread after the first translation by another, independent linguist.

Swedish: tender for higher education management software

Smart, accurate tender translations help companies win business from overseas clients. This one was quite a challenge, being a translation of a live spreadsheet, which was also a shared document and being continuously updated. The project had to be translated over the weekend, with a project manager overseeing the process and relaying instructions as required throughout the duration.

French to English: annual report

Another specialist translation that required desktop publishing skills, this annual report required a subject-matter expert with industry experience and an up-to-date knowledge of financial terminology and jargon. We specialise in translating financial documents such as annual reports at very competitive prices, not forgetting that these type of documents are usually time sensitive and there can never be any compromise on accuracy.

Dutch to English: legal documentation for a road haulage operator

Involving liaison with the police, this was a rapid-turnaround project from Dutch to English and English to Dutch. Each translation had to be carried out by a native linguist in the target language, so two of our trusted translators saw the project to its conclusion. With legal document translations it is imperative that nothing is lost in translation – the meaning must remain exactly the same.

English to Polish: HR policies

We work with numerous British SMEs employing foreign-speaking staff (mainly Polish, Romanian and Lithuanian), translating their policies, procedures and Health & Safety policies. Get Translate Fast to help your recruitment and HR teams with their specialist translation requirements when you need a quick turnaround on employment contracts, security checks and internal staff communications.

French to Chinese: labels and leaflets for a sake manufacturer

Not a very common combination, requiring highly specialised knowledge; and, as always with printed publications, the final proofread is done in the target language. The documents were optimised for print – always a tricky task when translating using complex alphabets. Translate Fast is proud to possess the expertise to handle the most unusual language combinations and subject matter.

Translate Fast – delivering your translation project with speed and accuracy

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